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Wonders of Azores

Join us on an extraordinary 8-day photo adventure tour through the Wonders of Azores, designed to captivate both novice and seasoned photographers alike. Our goal is to show you the Azores' most picturesque spots, far removed from the usual tourist paths, ensuring you capture the untouched beauty of these islands. Throughout your journey, you'll enjoy comfortable accommodations, strategically chosen to enhance your photographic expedition. Nestled in the vast North Atlantic Ocean, the Azores is an archipelago of nine magnificent volcanic islands, epitomizing green, volcanic splendor, and seclusion. As a sanctuary for numerous whale species, the Azores offer unparalleled photography opportunities throughout the year. Our adventure will take you through the islands of São Miguel and Terceira, utilizing private shuttles and commercial flights for seamless access to a variety of stunning locations. The tour includes all transportation, inter-island flights, and accommodations, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in capturing the Azores' breathtaking vistas without any hassle. Dive into the rich culture, encounter the friendly locals, and unearth the photographic gems of the Azores. From quaint volcanic villages and soothing hot springs to thrilling whale-watching experiences, this travel photography workshop is tailored for those who seek adventure and wish to capture the essence of the Azores through their lens. Join us and make unforgettable memories while enhancing your photography portfolio with the unique beauty of these Atlantic islands.


  • Explore two island wonders: Delve into the stunning landscapes of São Miguel and Terceira, each offering unique beauty and natural marvels.

  • Expert photographer guidance: Receive insights and tips from an experienced local photographer who knows the most photogenic spots across the islands, ensuring your photos are nothing short of spectacular.

  • Varied scenic beauty: Experience the diverse environments from São Miguel's dramatic volcanic terrain to the verdant, quilted countryside of Terceira, providing a daily feast for your camera.

  • Cultural connections: Dive into the islands' heritage, mingle with welcoming locals, and capture the essence of island life, adding depth and story to your imagery.

  • Intimate group setting: Our tour accommodates a limited number of photography enthusiasts, ensuring personalized guidance and a space for mutual inspiration and growth.

  • Enhance your skills: Elevate your photography prowess, fine-tuning both the technical aspects and your creative expression, amidst these inspiring settings.

  • Lasting memories: Compile a portfolio of stunning images that not only showcase the beauty of the Azores but also encapsulate your unforgettable experiences on these enchanting islands. Following the dinner, we will spend the night at our hotel, resting up for the adventures that await.

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Day 1

Sao Miguel

Upon your arrival at João Paulo II airport in Ponta Delgada, transportation to our hotel is arranged for your convenience. Enjoy some leisure time in the morning to either unwind at the hotel or independently discover the charms of the city. Later, join us for a sumptuous welcome lunch at a local eatery, a perfect moment to inquire about any details of your trip and to familiarize yourself with your travel companions. In the afternoon, our adventure continues to the enchanting Salto do Cabrito waterfall. This natural wonder offers not only a stunning backdrop for long-exposure photography enthusiasts but also a chance for the daring to dive into its refreshing waters—though be prepared, they're quite chilly! As the day concludes, our plans will be guided by the weather. We might stroll along the sandy shores of Santa Bárbara and Monte Verde beaches, or admire the dramatic coastal scenery from Miradouro do Cintrão, with the majestic Sete Cidades volcano providing a spectacular background.


Day 2

At dawn, we'll venture to one of São Miguel's gems, the Lagoa do Fogo, a volcanic lake situated at one of the island's highest elevations. The area is often shrouded in clouds or fog, which might obscure the viewlater in the day, so early morning is the ideal time to visit. If you own a drone, this is your chance to capture some truly unique aerial shots of this stunning landscape. Our journey continues to Vila Franca Islet, a breathtakingly beautiful spot in the Azores that's best appreciated from above. A drone will enable you to capture the islet's extraordinary beauty and distinct features. We then travel west to marvel at the volcanic wonder of Sete Cidades, including the contrasting hues of the Lagoa Verde and Lagoa Azul. The area is a feast for the eyes, and viewing it from above with a drone, especially Lagoa do Canario, offers a fascinating perspective on its unique topography. Our next stop is the Grota do Inferno viewpoint, offering unparalleled views of the Sete Cidades' crater lakes. The vista from here is simply breathtaking, making it a standout spot in the Azores. To close the day, we'll drive through Sete Cidades to reach Mosteiros Beach, where we'll enjoy the sunset. This location offers apicturesque seascape, perfect for capturing the day's final moments in a serene setting.

Azores Photo Tours-8.jpg

Day 3

Our day begins with a sunrise viewing at the Santa Iria viewpoint, after which we journey to Lagoa dasFurnas. This impressive crater lake offers an opportunity to capture the dynamic scenery of mud pools and steam vents, showcasing the island's geothermal activity. Our adventure continues at TerraNostraPark, renowned for its exquisite gardens and therapeutic thermal pools. Remember to pack your swimwear, as the pool temperatures range from 35 to 40 degrees Celsius, offering a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Lunch promises a culinary delight with Cozido, a local specialty cooked using volcanic steam, accompanied by the delightful bolo lêvedo, a regional sweet bread. Later, we'll explore the Ribeira Quente waterfalls, where the water's rich iron content paints the cascades in shades of brown and orange, creating a stunning natural palette that's unique to São Miguel. We'll conclude our day at the Gorreana Tea Factory, Europe's oldest tea plantation. Here, you can delve into the history of tea production and stroll through the lush fields, where the vibrant green tea plants offer endless photographic inspiration

Day 4

We will continue our journey through Sao Miguel and will check out some stunning lighthouses in the island.   Following our sunrise excursion, we will have an image review session and some free time to enjoy to ourselves. Stroll through the local town, immerse yourself in its charming ambiance, or relax at the hotel's swimming pools. Savor these moments of tranquility, as we prepare for our journey to another island tomorrow.

Azores Photo Tours-4.jpg

Day 5


Day 5: Terceira

We start our day with a flight to Terceira Island, where the UNESCO World Heritage site of Angra doHeroísmo awaits us. Upon settling into our accommodations, there will be leisure time to explore this historic city. Our exploration begins at the Monte Brasil viewpoint, offering a panoramic introduction to the island's beauty. Post-lunch, our journey leads us to the Black Forest, an area where the thick canopy creates a unique play of light and shadow, offering a different photographic experience each time, influenced by the varying weather conditions. A short drive from there takes us to Algar do Carvão, anextraordinary natural wonder. This visit allows us to step inside a volcano, a rare experience globally. Remember to bring a fast and wide lens, as tripods are not permitted inside. Our exploration continuesalong picturesque forest roads, unveiling some of the island's most splendid, secluded spots. Weather permitting, our day culminates with a sunset view from Serra de Santa Bárbara, the island's highest peak, providing a magnificent backdrop to end our day's adventures.

Day 6

Today is all about grand vistas and stunning seascapes. We kick off early, heading to Serra da Ribeirinha, where a top the southern edge of a volcano, we're treated to a sweeping coastal panorama. The view includes Serra do Morião and Serra Santa Bárbara, with Monte Brasil and the distant islands of São Jorge and Pico framing the horizon. Terceira Island's reputation for excellent cuisine promises a memorable lunch experience. In the afternoon, we venture to the northern shores, to Ponta do Mistério, a captivating coastal stretch where a green-tinted, lunar-like terrain meets the azure Atlantic, offering a spectacular contrast.

Day 7

Our next destination is Pico Dona Joana, the Azores' most iconic volcano cone, offering a postcard-perfect scene with Ilhéu das Cabras in the backdrop—a truly unique Azorean vista. By midday, we'll be in Praia daVitória, indulging in local culinary delights while enjoying beachfront views. As the day closes, we'll find ourselves in Biscoitos, a charming town celebrated for its vineyards and natural pools. Here, the interplay of the rugged, black lava rock against the ocean's might offers a dramatic landscape, perfect for a sunset backdrop.


Day 8

On our final day, we're visiting what's often hailed as the most stunning viewpoint in Portugal. At Serrado Cume, you'll witness a breathtaking landscape often referred to as the "patchwork"–a mosaic of volcanic stone walls that intricately divide the agricultural fields into a quilt of square plots, offering a magnificent scene for capturing the day's first light. Afterward, we'll gather for one last breakfast, a time to reflect on the unforgettable experiences and bonds formed throughout our journey. Though it's time to part ways, our memories of the Azores will linger. We've arranged for your transfer to the airport according to your flight schedule, ensuring a smooth departure without any additional fees. As you head home, we hope you carry with you not only the incredible memories but also the beautiful photographs that capture the essence of your Azorean adventure.


Expedition Leaders 


27 April to 04 May 2025

Difficulty Level


Group Size

Maximum of 10


Deposit US$2000


$6900 (Double Occupancy)
Single supplement: $1000

Full payment

120 days prior to the workshop starting date.

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

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