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Embark on a Captivating Orangutan Photography Expedition

Discover the Endangered Orangutans of Tanjung Puting National Park

In the heart of Central Kalimantan, a unique and endangered species, Pongo pymaeus, thrives in its natural habitat—the orangutan. This remarkable primate is endemic to the island of Borneo, but its sanctuary is under threat as its precious habitat diminishes at an alarming pace. To safeguard the survival of these incredible creatures, orangutan rehabilitation centers have been established in the heart of the rainforest.

Photographic Highlights:

  • Orangutan Encounters: Our journey takes us to two remarkable orangutan feeding stations: Pondok Tanggui, and Camp Leakey. Each presents a unique opportunity to capture these majestic creatures up close as they interact during their feeding rituals.

  • Jungle Trekking: Embark on guided jungle treks, delving into the heart of the lush rainforest. Your camera will be your constant companion as you seek out hidden treasures and elusive wildlife amidst the dense vegetation.

  • Riverside Wildlife: Aboard our traditional houseboat, known as a Kelotok, glide along the riverbanks of Sungai Sekonyer Kanan. Keep your lenses at the ready for glimpses of Proboscis Monkeys, Long-tailed Macaques, and an array of bird species that call this pristine landscape home.

  • Sungai Sekonyer Kanan: Experience the serene beauty of a black water river as we navigate the enchanting Sungai Sekonyer Kanan. Its tranquil waters offer a captivating backdrop for your photography.

  • Overnight Kelotok Stay: Our Kelotok, a unique moving base, provides a comfortable yet rustic experience. While facilities are limited, you’ll have everything you need for an authentic rainforest adventure. On the upper deck, capture stunning images from the front platform or relax at the table and chair setup. At night, we stay at resort hotel inside the national park in rooms with private facilities.


Onboard Amenities

  • Dining Delights: Enjoy three delicious meals prepared by our skilled onboard cook. The galley (kitchen) on the lower deck ensures your culinary needs are met.

  • Restroom Convenience: A toilet facility is available at the back of the Kelotok for your convenience.

Your Photographic Expedition Awaits: Immerse yourself in the wild beauty of Tanjung Puting National Park, where every moment offers a chance to capture the essence of this precious ecosystem. Join us on this unforgettable journey to safeguard and celebrate the orangutans and the rich biodiversity of Borneo.


DAY 1, 16 MAY

Exploring the Riverside

– Upon your arrival in Pangkalan Bun, our photography tour begins. You will be greeted and transferred to Kumai to board your Kelotok, a traditional Indonesian riverboat. As we depart from the Kumai River, keep your camera ready to capture scenes of riverfront life and the unique, semi-wild swift poultry that nest in towering structures resembling tiny high-rise buildings.

– Cruising Through Mangroves: We’ll navigate the picturesque Sekonyer River, passing through estuarine mangrove habitats that provide plenty of photo opportunities. Keep an eye out for Proboscis Monkeys, the endemic primates of Borneo, as well as Long-tailed Macaques, Red-leaf Monkeys, Silvered Langurs, and various bird species along the riverbanks.

Today we’ll proceed to the resort located inside the national park for an overnight stay. This resort will provide you with comfortable accommodations amidst the rainforest, allowing you to experience the sights and sounds of the jungle at night. Dinner will be served at the boat with private chef.

This day we are not visiting orangutan stations, its mostly arrival day to settle down at resort deep inside the national park to have a full day tomorrow.


DAY 2, 17 MAY

– Morning Shoot: Wake up to the sounds of the rainforest and enjoy a leisurely breakfast at the boat while we start the cruise. Capture the enchanting reflections of the rainforest in the morning light as we embark on a guided exploration of the surrounding area. Look out for wildlife and unique flora to photograph.

– Camp Leakey Exploration: Our next destination is the legendary Camp Leakey, the site of Prof. Birute MF. Galdikas’ pioneering Orangutan Rehabilitation research. As we cruise through a side creek with tea-colored waters, you might encounter freshwater crocodiles and other wildlife. We’ll enjoy lunch at the resort before embarking on a rainforest exploration, offering countless opportunities for nature and wildlife photography.

– Afternoon Delight: In the afternoon, at 14:00, you’ll have the chance to capture more striking images of Orangutans during their feeding time. Return to the resort for another relaxing evening and dinner in the jungle setting on the boat with private chef.

DAY 3, 18 MAY

– Village Exploration: After breakfast on the boat, we’ll journey by Kelotok downstream to Sekonyer Village, an orangutan-friendly community nestled on the fringes of the National Park. Capture scenes of daily life and cultural activities in this vibrant village. You can even document the ingenious rain harvesting methods the locals employ to obtain fresh water.

– Morning Wildlife Sighting: As we enjoy our morning coffee onboard, be prepared for more wildlife photography. You might encounter Orangutans foraging along the riverbanks and perhaps even spot Long-snout Crocodiles sunbathing when the weather is favorable.

– Return Journey: Our journey concludes as we depart from Kumai, where you’ll be transferred back to Pangkalan Bun. If time allows, you can visit an Orangutan souvenir and handicraft gallery before your next adventure.

Morning flight to Surabaya or Jakarta or Bali via Surabaya  – will be recommended to the group.

This itinerary includes an overnight comfortable 2 nights stay at a resort with private facilities inside the national park as well as privately chartered river boat just for our group, providing you with a more immersive experience of the rainforest and its wildlife. It is suitable for all levels of fitness, every visit of feeding station is just a short 15 min walk on a flat good path.

Expedition leader 

What to bring

Gear:– camera with tripod and remote shutter release
– A wide angle lens. For example, Nikkor 14-24 or Canon 17-40. Best lens for use in wide-angle scenes or architecture photography
– A middle-zoom lens such as a 24-70 mm
– A telephoto zoom lens, such as a 100-400 mm.  Be sure to have additional tripod mount to this lens.

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

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