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The Utah Badlands and Beyond

Envision a landscape so extraordinary that it's become the training ground for astronauts prepping for Mars landings! Certain parts of  Utah are akin to other worldly terrains, with expansive wilderness adorned by diverse colors, textures, and natural structures. There's a wealth of sights to explore and photograph, from secluded canyons and towering cliffs to rugged mountains and awe-inspiring rock formations scattered across the desert canvas.

Our 5-day workshop takes you to hidden locations off the beaten path in Utah's heartland. Our unparalleled familiarity with the area enables us to guide you best in capturing the unrivaled beauty this wild part of the Colorado Plateau has to offer.


  • Hone your landscape, drone,  Astro, and golden hour photography and videography skills with guidance from our expert photographers and guest instructors

  • Scheduled workshop dates designed to capitalize on optimal weather conditions, and astrophotography opportunities

  • Experience the rich spectrum of desert hues during the mesmerizing golden hour 

  • Capture the extraordinary textures and rock formations from various perspectives, ranging from grand, wide-angle landscapes to detailed abstracts

  • Benefit from personalized mentoring and support tailored to your photographic skills and progression

  • Learn composition techniques that can transform your photos into captivating, inventive, and intriguing images

  • Introduction to drone photography, including drone setup assistance and hands-on instructions for first-time flyers

  • Explore the dramatic mesas and fascinating badlands

  • Understand how to create eye-catching panoramas, from capturing the shots on site to the post-processing workflow

  • Enjoy an intimate workshop setting that allows for personalized attention and camaraderie among fellow photographers


On this photographic journey, we'll delve into many scenic locations. This region abounds with dramatic sandstone attributes such as arches, monoliths, limitless canyons, crimson rocks, gleaming white domes,and a multitude of captivating desert landmarks.

Straying from the commonly visited sites, we'll experience some of the world's most intriguing badlands.The vibrant tones of Bentonite Hills, the azure Mancos Shale badlands, and the deep Mars-red badlands of the Chinle Formations are just a few spots on our itinerary.


Under its ink-black skies, offering endless foregrounds, we'll also seize numerous opportunities to photograph the stars in one of the last remaining dark sky reserves in the US.

Throughout the workshop, our agenda remains as flexible as possible, allowing us to pursue the light and hues of this exceptional place. You'll typically start your day capturing the sunrise and stay out beyond sunset. Daytime is dedicated to rest, post-processing sessions, or further exploring the infinite vistas.


Our expert photo guides will keep tabs on weather forecasts, road conditions, and other factors, planning each day to maximize shooting conditions. Our aim is to position you at the best spots at the right times to leverage optimal lighting!

Whether you're a seasoned, amateur, or novice photographer, you'll augment your portfolio with a remarkable collection of images, learning composition techniques with guidance from our award-winning photo guides.


Kindly note that this is a drone-friendly workshop. Our instructors are Part 107 commercially-licensed drone pilots in the US. We will be teaching how to capture stunning aerial photos and videos with your drone. We have a limited number of drones available for rent if you'd like to learn or don't own a drone. For more information, please contact us at:

Expedition Leaders


October 18-22, 2024

October 24-28, 2024

Group Size

Maximum of 10


   $3490 (Double occupancy)

    $3990 (Single occupancy)

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Ready to join this Photo Adventure

If you wish to pay with bank transfer, Zelle, Chase QuickPay or check, please e-mail me at:

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